Thank you, Build-A-Bear workshop!!!!!

Build-A-Bear Workshop, I want to thank you for ending your corporate sponsorship of Autism Speaks.  As an autistic adult and a parent of two beautiful autistic children, I am very touched by this measure. It's hard to go against the grain - but you did. It says so much about your company. 

It grieved me deeply to boycott your company, Build-A-Bear holds a special place in my heart because it is the place where my oldest daughter requested to go on her first "Gotcha Day" (her adoption anniversary).  We still have the bear that we made that day; the bear's name is Brittany and as we've had her over 6 years she's one of my daughter's oldest bears.

It hurt to think that our family may never be able to visit Build-A-Bear again once I learned of your affiliation with Autism Speaks. I am very happy to be able to resume shopping at Build-A-Bear, and in fact plan to go there tomorrow afternoon to purchase bears for all 5 of my children. I think I will also host my 5 year old's birthday party next month at Build-A-Bear. Your parties are always amazing, and what better way to show my appreciation and that of my community than using my dollars to support a company that has opted to support people like me? :)


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