Mo' "fan" mail (2014)

And the fan mail continues:

"Hi Morénike. I just wanted to let you know that as of today, I'm going to be "unfollowing" your posts. I don't want to "unfriend" you as you are a fellow sister in Christ, but I don't like a lot of the activity I see in my news feed about you. You're getting brainwashed by all of these angry adults with autism and now you think you're autistic too? I'll be praying for you."


My thoughts?

1. Baby, you don't have to hide anything I say. See that "unfriend" button right there? Go ahead and click it. Bam-problem solved.

2a. Yes, I am definitely a follower of Christ. I love The Lord and will continue to love Him as long as I live. But I am NO "sister" of yours.

2b. Maybe you should read up a little more on Jesus yourself...

3a. They are not "adults with autism." They are Autistic adults. Please get your facts straight.

3b. Nobody is "brainwashing" me. I've been on this Earth over three decades; I'm a big girl. I have my own mind.

3c. So standing up for yourself makes you "angry?" Isn't this "angry" stereotype a little bit old and played out? We all know about the "angry black woman" and the "angry adoptee" stereotypes; is the "angry autistic" the new thing?

3d. Maybe if people constantly abused you, denigrated you, and wanted to prevent people like you from ever existing you would appear to be a little "angry" also.

4. I don't "think" I'm autistic. There's this interesting invention called a neuropsychological evaluation; ever heard of it? (And even if I didn't have my formal dx and I solely self-dx'd like many people have to do for various reasons, don't you think that there are diagnostic criteria one can use to determine whether they are or aren't?)

5. Feel free to pray for me. Pray for me all day long. I'll be praying for you too. Because you REALLY, REALLY need it.


Recommended citation: Giwa Onaiwu, Morénike. (2014). Mo' "fan" mail. Just Being Me...Who Needs "Normalcy," Anyway? [Personal essay.]