#JusticeForKayleb is reality. Good things DO still happen in the world...

(This has absolutely nothing to do with the post...but I just happened to glance at the date/time on the corner of my computer screen, and since it's after midnight it is now 03/15. And because I am a total nerd on top of being a teacher, I can't move on to the rest of the actual post without pointing out that it is the "Ides of March." Now that I have gotten that out, I think I can return to the actual post. Some of y'all feel me...the pull of some of these scripts is really strong, and you often can't move on in your head unless you process it in some way.)

I am not fond of "click bait" at all. It strikes me as effective, but somewhat manipulative as well as lazy. But this news, this glorious, glorious news, well, it is hard to express in numerous different ways. Things haven't been great (they have been, in many ways, the exact opposite of great); the joy-inducting news of Kayleb's triumph is a welcome source of jubilee, and I want to share it with you rather than try to paraphrase it. Thus, I welcome you to quickly visit the link below which summarizes the happy, and final #JusticeForKayleb update. Thanks for all of your concern and support of this issue over all of these months!

Image is of a dark brown ribbon with turquoise dots on it with #JusticeforKayleb below the ribbon. Photo credit: Justice For Kayleb FB page, created & maintained by Kayleb's family :)



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