Friday, February 1, 2019

My blog has moved; visit my new site at!!!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope the beginning of 2019 has been good to you so far. I'm pleased to announce that effective immediately, my blog has moved to a new home. 

It will now be housed on my website, which is 

You can find new blog posts (whenever I write one...I haven't yet but plan to soon) at:

Also, there is an introduction to my blog and links to the older posts on this blog at:

I plan to gradually re-publish the blog posts that I have here on Blogspot/Blogger on the new blog so that the content from my personal blog will all be in one place, but that will probably take me a while to do. I intend to keep the posts that are on this blog here on Blogspot too. A sister could lose her job, could forget to pay the hosting or something on that other site, and BOOM! All the posts would be gone, just like that. You never know. So I figure it doesn't hurt to retain this one as additional backup.

Thank you for your support, and looking forward to making new memories. Nothing about my blog is changing except the location; Just Being Me...Who Needs "Normalcy" Anyway? is simply changing addresses. Hope you'll be willing to change with me and continue reading!

This image is a logo for my website made from my initials (MGO); isn't it cute?