Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Not in my name: F*€k you, Milo Yiannopoulos

(Content note: This post discusses child sexual abuse, pedophiles and similar sexual predators, and the disgusting people who excuse/enable them, namely Milo Yiannopoulos. It also contains a derivative of a profane word, the “f” word. Though I personally do not use profanity due to my religious beliefs, sometimes other words are too inadequate to convey my true meaning, and this is one of them.)

I’ve lived my life blissfully unaware of who Milo Yiannopoulos (who I will refer to for the rest of this post as Milo) was until recently/today. I stay away from that train wreck called Breitbart “News” for the sake of my sanity, so the fact that he worked there meant nothing to me. However, his name has been trending on social media the past few days and it eventually piqued my interest. A few minutes ago, I Googled him to figure out why he was trending - and found my answer. There are several sources, but I’m just quoting one. (It’s Buzzfeed. Not that I think they’re the most credible news source, but their summary was short and to the point.)

In a January 2016 interview, the Breitbart editor said sexual relationships between teenagers and adults could be consensual and beneficial. Critics — including CNN’s Jake Tapper — said the statements amounted to defending pedophilia and child abuse. In one clip, Yiannopoulous said he was not talking about sex with children, but rather someone at least 13 who was “sexually mature” and had gone through puberty. He also joked that the priest who sexually abused him did him a favor by making him better at giving head. (Source: Buzzfeed)

(Image is a meme that states: "Attention media: Sexual relationships with minors are never consensual. Love, Your friends working to end child sexual abuse." Source: Ms. Foundation for Women)

I am grateful to the many people and organizations who have expressed outrage over his detestable, inappropriate, triggering, pro-pedophilia comments. Apparently a few hours ago he resigned from Breitbart (evidently felt he deserved to keep his job despite what he said and did not fire him; he stated that they supported him "when others caved"). He also stated that he “misspoke” and tried to blame his remarks on the fact that he was molested as a child, stating: “My experiences as a victim led me to believe I could say almost anything on the subject, no matter how outrageous.”

It is THAT statement that has prompted me to write this.


F*€k you, Milo. F*€k you, F*€k you, F*€k you. Or as DL Hughley said better, “F*€k you now and F*€k you forever.”

Second, How DARE you. HOW DARE YOU?!?! You DO NOT get a free pass on condoning sexual abuse of MINORS - or anyone - because you also experienced sexual abuse. Neither do I. Neither does ANYONE who lived through that. Not in my name, you don’t; not ever.

Third, just because a person has presumably “gone through puberty” does NOT make them “sexually mature.” Neither does being 13 years old.

Fourth, there is NOTHING “consensual and beneficial” about rape. And that is what the “relationships” you are describing are. They are rape. If one or more parties cannot legally and enthusiastically consent, it is rape.

Fifth, becoming proficient at performing sex acts because of a molester isn’t a good thing. I learned how to “throw it back” at age four because of the abuser who molested me. I learned how to squeeze my vaginal muscles around his probing finger because that excited him. I learned to rub on the nipples of my nonexistent breasts and how to arch my back. I learned all of that because he was a sick b@$+@rd and that would get him off faster and he would hurry up and finish and I could be left alone. He did not do me a “favor” by oversexualizing me as a small child, betraying my parents’ trust, and destroying my innocence. Learning how to go through the motions of sex acts for the pleasure of a disgusting, selfish abuser is not an asset. It is extremely problematic. It takes something beautiful and pleasurable and made to be lovingly shared by two consenting individuals and corrupts it into something perverse and deplorable. Its stench taints you for decades, and you never forget how it feels even though you desperately want to. And sometimes, even when years have passed and you are safe, the memory of those acts rear their ugly heads when you are doing something as benign as embracing your own spouse, or sleeping, or working.

I don’t want to spend any more time on you. I’m glad you lost your endorsements. I’m glad you were uninvited to a conference. I’m glad you lost your book deal. I’m glad you no longer have a large platform to spread your filth. It seems that you have built a strong following being racist and misogynistic with the trashy “news” organization you were employed for; I guess you felt why not also throw children and teens under the bus too?

The fact that Breitbart - the news organization affiliated with our so-called president’s choice for US National Security Advisor Steve Bannon - didn’t think this was an offense worth firing you over speaks volumes. So not only f*€k you, but f*€k them too. 

Y’all need Jesus and an ocean of holy water.

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